Welcome To The Ninth Lane

This is a copy of our first newsletter, which will help us bring our community together and share more about what we’re building with the Lane 9 Project. Truth be told, we’re still figuring that out! But these three things are the foundation of Lane 9: stories, community, and education. If you want to write, work or run with us, join the tribe!

The Lane 9 Project has officially launched!

We are thrilled to be writing to you in our first Lane 9 Project newsletter. Thank you so much for joining us in the ninth lane and being part of this active community of BA ladies.

OK cool, I’m in. Now what?

1. Read stories.

Many of you reached out saying YES, you want to tell your stories. We’ve reached out to those ladies and are excited to share their personal experiences with running, disordered eating, the female athlete triad, or being a healthcare provider for active women. Everything will be posted on our Medium publication. If you’re reading, please add a little green 💚 to any story or post that sparks something in you. The more hearts we get, the more visibility this project receives, and the more women we can reach! (Not on Medium yet? Sign up! It’s super easy.)

2. Join a group run.

We’ll start in Washington DC, because that’s where the three of us live. Our first group run will happen at the end of this month (March). Let us know if you’d like to join us for some miles! Friends and pets are welcome.

We should all live our best life like this pug pup.

(Of note: Heather is slowly coming back from an injury, so any walk-runners will definitely have a buddy.)

3. Support your lady friends.

We are putting together a virtual support group for all active ladies, and you’ll be the first to know when it’s live! In the meantime, support each other. We need it. Recovered, in recovery, thinking about recovery, or not in need of recovery but very much looking for lady runner friends? We are your people. We are your lady friends, no matter where you live, what you need, or how many miles you run. (Like Heather, currently running zero, or Alexis and Samantha currently training for ultramarathons.) We are all stronger together. #YesWeWentThere


Things we loved (or wrote) this week:

  1. Runner’s World Podcast, Episode 43: Eating Disorders and Running
  2. Devon Yanko’s Essay on Oiselle: How to Run 100 Miles
  3. Lane 9 Stories: How I Learned to Recover From an Eating Disorder With the Power of Running
  4. Oh, We’ll Talk About It (Heather): Ask your nutrition or ED questions
  5. Running the Numbers (Alexis)
  6. In Recovery: Silencing the Inner Critic (Samantha)

Keep an eye on your inbox for updates and opportunities to get involved with the Lane 9 Project community. Thank you for your support!

Happy miles,
Heather, Alexis, and Samantha

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