Dorian Johnson is basically a murderer

Key issue behind Michael Brown’s early death is his true motive to steal “rillos,” risking going to jail for a strong arm robbery. You don’t blatantly steal these things while being captured on video just for a smoke. It was to score a cut of Dorian’s weed/sales, get some free blunts and/or perhaps become Dorian’s muscle. Dorian was older, he was cool, he had tattoos, a girlfriend, a kid, and his own apartment. Dorian business model is to roll or re-roll weed with cigar paper to make blunts. These are then sold to the local community by Dorian Johnson while he walks his dog.

When Dorian Johnson left at 7am the morning of the shooting, he was supposedly going to get breakfast. But he had no pockets. Dorian is eventually questioned about this by the Grand Jury, to which he says that he has his money in his shoe. But when he is in the store at 11am, does he get his money out of his shoe? Has he gotten breakfast for his girlfriend and daughter? Why not?

As Johnson was leaving that morning, hoping to quickly sell some blunts to friends or local construction workers in order to afford breakfast, he spied Michael Brown helping some kids into a car. This was Dorian’s chance to play the role of a mentor to a local kid with muscles, thus offering him either some blunts or a piece of his sales. Perhaps Dorian could even get Brown to sell the blunts for him. Dorian had the weed and all he needed was a way to cut down the expensive of having to buy the rillos. Michael Brown was a way for Dorian to save money, personal risk, and to increase his own profit margin by giving Brown some blunts in exchange for the stollen rillos.

Eventually, local/past customers of Dorian Johnson will talk about his role in the community, and why or how Brown may have involved in the stealing the rillos, why he was carrying them, and why it was Brown who attacked the officer even though it was Dorian Johnson would was refusing to get out of the street (Brown didn’t respond to Wilson initially, it was Dorian’s comment about being near their destination).

Michael Brown was getting ready to attend college? What high value motive was there behind his decision to risk an arrest? Was it simply to get high? Or was there something more to it?

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