Nonstop earnings with Referral Tree 🌳

We are excited to announce the release of the Referral Tree on our dashboard.

The Referral Tree allows you to see your referrals at a glance and earn LANG forever by claiming a percentage of what your referrals earn over time.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how the referral tree works.

Step 1: John logs in to the dashboard and clicks on Referral on the sidebar

Step 2: John clicks on Refer friends and shares his unique referral link on Facebook

Copying referral link and posting on Facebook

Step 3: John’s friends Robert, Mike, and Dahye click on John’s link and begin recording sentences.

Step 4: Once Robert and Mike have each each completed 30 recordings, you will be able to click Claim to receive 400 LANG total (200 LANG for each). This is the Tier1 referral bonus — a fixed, one-time payment of 200 LANG apiece.

Click Claim to get your Tier1 referral bonus

Step 5: John can continue earning LANG indefinitely through secondary (Tier2), tertiary (Tier3) referrals that join LangNet through his primary (Tier1) referrals — Robert and Mike.

Every time John’s referrals and sub-referrals record sentences on the bot, participate in the World Cup Tournament, or do any activity that pays LANG, John can claim a percentage of those earnings according to the following breakdown:

  • Tier1 : 3%
  • Tier2 : 1.5%
  • Tier3 : 0.75%
Whenever your sub-referrals earn LANG, you earn a cut

Start referring today!

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