Language Gym: Alternate solid foundation test

Peter Merrick
Mar 2, 2018 · 4 min read

This test is part of the Language Gym — German for Pattern Hunters program. that runs in Berlin. If you’ve already done module 1 you should be able to pass it. It gives you an idea of whether you’re ready to do module II. Also if you’ve done a lot of study already you might want to skip module I and just do module II, in which case you need to demonstrate you know this stuff.

If you have questions regarding this test send them to me at Results — when you’ve finished this test, send your work to me at the above address.

Should you look things up? Well, it depends. Why are you doing this test? If you want to know if you should skip module 1 — then NO. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you consult your notes. You should resist using a translator though. As my mother used to say “you only cheat yourself”.

1. Verbs with 2 objects

From this list choose four verbs to make sentences of the form:

article subject verb article object article object

Example: A man makes the cake for a child

The subject and both objects are nouns

The nouns chosen should demonstrate masculine, neuter and feminine

The articles should be a combination of both the/a

  • geben
  • leihen
  • bieten
  • schicken
  • lesen
  • machen
  • schicken

The answer to this question will be four sentences. Ensure you use a mixture of the and a articles in each sentence. Ensure you use a mixture of nouns of different gender.

2. Adjectives

This exercise tests adjective decoration. Use your sentences from 1. (above) to make sentences that use adjectives from the list below. The adjective must come before the noun it describes.

e.g. A helpful man makes the simple cake for an intelligent child

  • lively: lebendig
  • careful: sicher
  • clever: klug
  • easy: einfach
  • famous: bekannt
  • talented: talentiert
  • helpful: hilfreich
  • important: wichtig
  • inexpensive: billig
  • expensive: teuer
  • poor: arm
  • rich: reich
  • nervous: ängstlich
  • important: wichtig
  • interested: interessiert
  • wrong: falsch

3. Personal Pronouns

Take the sentences you wrote in question 1 and replace all the pronouns progressively. (GfPH Hint: 3rd person personal pronouns follow the strong grid.)

e.g. The man gives the dog a bone

  • He gives the dog a bone.
  • He gives him a bone.
  • He gives it to the dog.
  • He gives it to him.

4. Possessive pronouns

Take the sentences you wrote in question 1 and restate them with possessive pronouns. (Hint: that’s my X, your X, his, its, her X, their X, our X, your (plural) X


Original sentence: A man makes the cake for a child

Transformed sentence: Her man (husband) makes her cake for their child.

5a. Past tense

Convert all your sentences from question 1 into the past tense (Perfekt i.e. the spoken past using haben or sein as a helper verb)

5b. Write a past tense sentence with the 5 verbs given below.






6. Space — translate

I’m standing beside the airplane.

We’re going to stand next to his parents.

Yesterday he walked confidently (vertrauensvoll) into the room.

She walked around the room

The words were written on the wall

They painted a picture on the wall

The children play behind the curtain

The actors bow and walk behind the curtain

The student stands in front of the car

She walks in front of the crowd

A drunk (Betrunkener: m) is sitting on a bench (Bank: f).

A policeman sat down on the chair

There is a lake between the mountains.

A bicycle rides between two people.

A lamp hangs over the table.

A bird flies over the woman

The tunnel lies under his feet

The mouse runs under the car.

7. Time

I’ll come at 13:00 on Thursday and stay until midnight. Around 7:00 I’m expecting a phone call. In two days I’ll fly to Rome for a week. I used to live in Italy. I worked for Fiat for 3 years.

A year ago I was living in Hamburg. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been living with my brother in Berlin. Since last Tuesday we’ve not heard from him. Over the last year things have been difficult between us.

8. Place
Enter the correct preposition and the version of der*(one of the versions of der/the) that is appropriate.

Ich gehe/fahre/…

_______ Kino

_______ See

_______ Strand

_______ Kasse

_______ Fluss

_______ Berge

_______ zweite Etage

_______ Berge

_______ Wald

_______ Grenze

9. Conjunctions
Complete the sentences with anything that makes sense of the sentence. (GfPH Hint: remember their are Type 0, 1, 2 and N conjunctions. These affect verb order)

Du könntest keine Antwort bekommen, denn…

Er wollte nicht an den Strand fahren, sondern… (incl. bleiben)

Wenn du mehr Geld verdienen kannst, dann…

Du wirst keine Antwort bekommen, deshalb…

Mein Bruder besucht mich, deswegen…

Wir haben keinen Weißwein, allerdings…

Sie muss noch eine Nacht hier bleiben, sonst…

Es gibt viel Arbeit, trotzdem…

Ich bin zur Küche gegangen, um _______ zu_______.

Ich denke, dass…

Wir glauben, dass…

Er muss mehr Wasser trinken, weil…

Wenn er nicht versucht, …

Als wir in Afrika waren, …

Language Gym — Berlin

show up — work out

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