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Virtual meeting assistant for the Lithuanian language is being created

As more and more meetings and conferences are moved to the virtual space because of epidemics, a virtual meeting assistant is being created in Lithuania. It is planned that the tool developed by Tilde IT and based on artificial intelligence, will significantly simplify the organization of meetings and conferences. It will cover the entire meeting cycle, from agreement on the date to conclusion, as well as reports on the work done. Over EUR 800,000 will be invested in this solution.

Meetings “eat up” 12 hours a week

According to various studies, meetings on average take up about 15% of the total time of employees, while a person working in organizations on average spends about 12 hours a week preparing for and attending meetings.

“Most of those working in organizations encounter the problem of how much time and resources it takes to prepare for a meeting: agreeing on the time that is suitable for all participants, finding a free room or space, adhering to the rules and procedures during the meeting, then preparing a protocol or summary, sending and registering agreements to participants and monitoring compliance. All of this is included in our innovation, which has no equivalent in the world yet,” said Renata Špukienė, head of Tilde IT.

According to her, although there is almost no research about the costs of meetings in Lithuania, US data, for example, show that up to USD 283 billion is lost annually due to inefficient meetings. As a result, a number of technology companies offer various solutions to improve the efficiency of meetings.

“There are various solutions in the market for individual aspects such as planning, documentation, translation, recording of agreements, but there is no single tool to connect the entire meeting cycle: from the reservation of the room, automatic agreement on the meeting date to its minutes, and automatic summary of the work to be performed”, said Mrs. Špukienė.

It will include a Speech Recognition Tool

This solution will be adapted to operate in four languages, which are morphologically complex and do not have analogs in the market yet: Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, and Russian.

“We will integrate other Tilde IT solutions into the virtual meeting assistant, such as an artificial intelligence-based automatic translator and automatic tool to recognize speech and to convert the speech into text. Therefore, such an assistant will not only be able to prepare detailed minutes but also their summaries, record the obligations of teams or individual people, be able to identify the most important tasks and responsible persons and automatically send information to the participants of the event”, said the head of Tilde IT, talking about the functions.

It will be able to perform simultaneous interpretation

It will also include an automatic translation tool, so the virtual meeting assistant will be able to translate the conversation into another language in real-time and display the subtitles of the spoken language. Moreover, it will be trained to recognize voices even when speakers speak at the same time or the conversation takes place in a noisy environment. This will also be particularly useful for remote meetings or conferences.

Renata Špukienė

Head of „Tilde IT“

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