Commander Abby Graham reporting on day 100 of a solo space mission to breach the solar system.

COMMANDER ABBY GRAHAM (early 30s) sits in the command capsule of Deep Space Voyager 1. She scans her operational control panel as she makes adjustments to various controls. Occasionally, there are a few light tremors that reveberates through the capsule, but ABBY is unfazed.

Begin recording.

CAPCOM, this is Deep Space Voyager 1, Commander Abby Graham reporting on mission day 100. Time… 1753 UTC. I’ll be diverting power from communication systems, so this will be my last transmission. Let’s make it a good one.

Panels 1 through 4 are operating at full capacity. In preparation for phase two, solar sails are fully extended with no noticeable stress to the hull. I’m clocking a velocity of 202,000 mph. That’s a new record; call Guinness. Remind them it’s Abby with a “Y”. I am initiating a 12 second burn to compensate for a 3 degree variance in trajectory. All life functions normal, water and oxygen sustaining.

Jupiter is in coming into view. I should have full visibility shortly.

(Pause) John… this is the last time…

(Beat) CAPCOM, as agreed upon, I am commencing weekly asynchronous mutual stimulation. Opening cargo bay doors… applying moisture to primary and secondary digits… and preparing for dock.

ABBY unzips flight suit, licks fingers, and gently slips her hand down between her thighs.

Fluids are confirmed at maximum viscosity. CAPCOM, I will now proceed with docking procedures. Deep Space Voyager 1 is breaching your zipper threshold. Extending hand and have secured hold of your very solid rocket. I’m applying lip and tongue pressure to your neck, breathing to create optimal chill. I’m biting your earlobe. I can feel your hands on my breast, grabbing hard. You’re very aggressive tonight, aren’t you? I can tell you want to be inside me. John… I should make you wait… I want to make you wait… but I can’t wait…

Maggie Belle Caplis as Commander Abby Graham

I’m holding your cock tight in my hand and I can feel your other hand running up the inside of my thighs. I’m trembling. I’m pulling you inside me. I can feel you throbbing. I can feel you driving yourself deep inside me, slowly thrusting. I’m dragging my nails along your back, biting your shoulder, and you thrust harder. I’m moving with you. We’re pulsing. I’m pulling you in deeper. I’m trembling. I can’t control it.

ABBY moans as if triggered.

Oh my God. Oh God. Oh, John, don’t stop. Don’t… oh, God John, I love you. I love you. I love you. Don’t stop.

ABBY moans loudly. She’s breathing heavily. ABBY slowly removes her hand, running it up her belly and along the contours of her breast, as if it were JOHN’s hand. ABBY zips up her flight suit.

Docking complete.

Damn, I’m good.

ABBY closes her eyes and gives herself a moment. She opens them and then observes her hand as she rubs her fingers together.

Did you ever masturbate when you were in space? No one talks about how hard this is to clean up. Also… just curious, since you’re a man… does cum shoot into a ball and float around the cabin? That would be amazing. All those millions of little sperm-o-nauts launched into space with no place to call home. Their tiny bodies wiggling, not understanding why, just helplessly dying in a giant floating ball of fluid.

I wish we had tried having sex on a joint mission. I met the Russian team stationed on ISS, the married couple, you know? And after all these decades of sexless spaceflight, they finally went for it. They said it’s best if your belted into the shower upside down. Crazy, right?! Fucking Russians. Makes you wonder if they use the suction tube…

By the way, no signs of solar radiation poisoning. You know … the flight physician said it would be at least 200 days before it started to deform my uterus. Which I guess means: if I aborted this mission and headed back now, we could still have a baby.

(Pause) I think about it.

(Beat) I wish… you’re just a dot. Your a dot on a dot on that pale blue dot. I wish you could hold me.

(Beat) Oh, I guess you guys are back from dinner. Final updates to navigation system are uploading. Tell GUIDO I say thanks for the maps.

I’m sorry, I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s going to take me at least two years to breach the solar system, and then I have to hike all the way back the long way. That’s another four. That’s over six years alone in this bucket. And my insides are going to slowly deteriorate. But right now … right here, right now… I have the perfect body for making babies. Perfect, John.

(Pause) Fuck. I shouldn’t be here. Gus or Chris or Rueben, they deserve this mission. I mean, Jesus, why am I really doing this? It’s not for humanity. This is for me. Because I am selfish and ambitious. Because I always have to prove that a woman can do this. Because I wanted Abby Graham Day to be a federal fucking holiday. Because being the best was more important than being with you.

But I want to be with you now. I want to share this with you. And I want to share more with you. Have a wedding. Have a baby. Maybe a little girl! I’ve always wanted a girl, John. Can you imagine a tiny little girl, all wrapped up in your arms?

I think maybe that’s why we’re here in this endless universe. Not to explore some giant, lifeless gas cloud. I’m really just exploring God’s farts. I’m taking samples of ice. Ice. Like in the freezer, just really far away.

(Beat) I should do it. If I don’t turn back now, I’m never going to have a chance again. I’m doing it. Overriding navigation and aborting mission. Retracting sails, initiating primary and secondary thrusters. I’m going to slingshot around and in 100 days — I’m coming home. I love you, John.

Commander Abby Graham signing off.

Stop Recording.

Let’s give this a 10 second burst on forward. Damn DSV1, you are one stubborn — turn baby! There we go, get it! And, here comes the sun.

While ABBY updates flight coordinates and prepares to abort mission, her vision begins to change focus from the control panel to the outside of the cockpit. She realizes she is looking at the sun rising over her fist full-view sighting of Jupiter.

Oh God.

(Beat) Oh my God.

John, you should see this.

(Beat) Delete message. Begin new recording.

CAPCOM, this is Deep Space Voyager 1, Commander Abby Graham reporting on mission day 100. John, I can’t… I don’t know how to describe this. Jupiter just came into view. I need to capture this. I’m going to try to get this on video.

Aurora of Jupiter captured by Hubble Telescope

The sun’s just rising. It’s like the entire surface of the planet burst into flames. It looks like a billion fireflies, and they’re pulsing in this chaotic dance across a gigantic ocean of fire. Jupiter just… woke up, John. It’s breathing.

(Pause) John… this is my last transmission… I hope you’re well. I know I promised you something this week, and I know this is the last time, but I can’t. I hope you understand.

Think of all those little girls out there who will witness the footage. I’ll be the mother to a million female explorers. Can you imagine? This is more important than anything I have ever done or will ever do. This is bigger than me, John.

(Silence) CAPCOM, let’s get to business. Solar sails are fully extended with no noticeable stress to the hull. I’m clocking a record breaking velocity of 202,000 mph. All life functions normal, water and oxygen sustaining. We are locked, loaded and ready to ride. Commencing phase two in T-minus 10.

I love you. I will always love you.

(Pause) Stop recording. Send transmission.

TRANSMISSION was commissioned by and premeiered at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre as part of CHERRY POP: FLUID. The production was presented by The Shelter, directed by Meghan E. Jones, and starred Maggie Belle Caplis as Commander Abby Graham. All rights reserved by the author.

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