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Listen to ‘Hopelessness (Ashaon Ka Hua Khatma)’ by Ravana and Jumme Khan

Uvika Wahi
Jun 24 · 2 min read

I lose track of how long Ravana has been making gentle ripples in the Indian electronic music scene, but it has been a while. His languid advance through this scene is dotted with moments of visceral artistic clarity, but always with a kind sort of wit.

In what is now probably my favourite collab of the year, Ravana and Jumme Khan have birthed a modern dub classic and I can’t help but feel some sort of perverse pride in it being from my home country. My potential jingoism aside, Dubfounded is heavyweight dub slung forth almost carelessly, eschewing effects for the most part, as if it ain’t nothing but a thang.

Many an adjective are bound to be attributed to a South Asian dub album including spiritual and shamanic I presume — and granted Jumme Khan is a worthy flag-bearer for spirituality, heralding from the Jogi community in India who were quite literally meant as the ‘Protectors of Religion’ — but that would be serious insult to how entirely audacious Jumme Khan’s lyricism is, and how it is indicative of a larger poetic community that was rooted in fervent examination of how things were and still remain.

Released April 19, 2019

Analog mastering — Johanz Westerman, Ballyhoo Studio
Album artwork — Mahua Sen
Lyrics translations and liner notes — Aakar Patel
Jumme Khan recording by Ashutosh Sharma


music, art, and critical thinking //

Uvika Wahi

Written by

skrrrrrt vonnegut uvika@yahoo.in


music, art, and critical thinking //

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