Japan Blockchain Tech summit 2018: Blockchain Business hub in East Asia

Ex-Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama inaugurated this event.

On 29 November, we participated in Japan Blockchain Tech Summit that aims to bring next-generation IT business into open contact with investors and participants internationally.

It took place in Akihabara UDX, Tokyo, and most of participants are Chinese and Japanese. So we can hear the speaches through a simultaneous interpretation in Chinese or Japanese.

Kazuyuki Hamada (on the left), a Japanese politician and a member of the House of Councilors who is fluent in Chinese, got involved to this event as a board chairperson.

Takaomi Uematsu, CEO of Laocon, gave a presentation about the detail information about Laocon and also had an exhibition booth to present our service and talk with people who are interested in our service.

Takaomi explained about the organization chart of Laocon in the conference room
Had an interview from a Chinese press at the booth

There were many kinds of speaches, exhibitions, and stage performance which coverage not only finance but health care, education, game, music and so on. This technology has great potential spreading even in the cultural field.

They presented cosplay and Otaku culture in Akiba which have become international phenomenon these days (left) Using coin-shaped device that works as token in a casino (right)
A presentation from U.S. about blockchain service for music industry (left) A round-table talk by Japanese blockchain journalists (right)
Many participants were talking about business or just talking in a relaxed atmosphere at the afterparty.

“ Gan Bei! (cheers in Chinese)” we shouted to have a toast in the afterparty. Through blockchain business we were united among nations.