NODE Tokyo 2018: Connecting Blockchain Community in Tokyo

Blockchain communities: Erica Kang Founder, KryptoSeoul , QJ Wang Executive Director, Ethereum Community Fund , Yusuke Obinata Founder CryptoAge, Organizer NodeTokyo , Lane Rettig Developer, Ewasm / Founder, CryptoNYC

On 19 and 20 November, we took occasion to attend NODE Tokyo 2018 that had speach, panel discussion, afterparty. We could see a lot of entrepreneurs, engineers, VCs, so all the people relating to blockchain were coming from many areas, Japan, Asia, USA, and Europe (one speaker couldn’t arrive on the first day due to the delay of his flight.)

Here are some snippets from the event.

Talking about scaling issue of blockchain (Danny Ryan: Core Researcher, Ethereum Foundation , Jarrad Hope Co-Founder, Status , Adrian Brink: Technologist, Web3 Foundation & Polkadot , David Knott: Plasma Researcher , Lane Rettig: Developer, Ewasm / Founder, CryptoNYC)
Michael Egorov (NuCypher) talked about privacy enhancing technology in decentralized application
From the point of view of a venture capitalist, talking about ICO and investment in the field of blockchain
A session highlighting students of entrepreneurs
“It would be nice if we can see the stage of value of various things, because I will be able to see the background through their prices.”

Young students, who work in the field of blockchain, presented their project and expressed their thought on blockchain. Aya Miyaguchi, who is an executive director of Ethereum Foundation, moderated this session and told that she wishes to make the world that wouldn’t spoil such talents.

And, Microsoft, the biggest sponcer of this event, this tech giant was also supporting startups through the project pitch.

Project Pitch Track, the first prize goes to “My Crypto Heroes” that utilizes blockchain in the game

The last session was the pitch track and “My Crypto Heroes” won the first prize. They were evaluated that they do level adjustment between purchaser and non-purchaser of cryptocurrency in the video game. In the conference, some other speakers also mentioned the game could be one of the key elements on blockchain.

Having a lot of interaction in the afterparty

This was the first time NODETokyo held the event. Their aim “being the ‘node’ connecting between Japanese blockchain community and the world” have just begun.