Release of LAOCON (β version) is coming soon

A new year has just begun. We are convinced that LAOCON will make a big leap this year. The team keeps moving quickly towards listing on exchanges, publishing POC, and releasing the product. Our project will accelerate the evolution of the world and make a better tomorrow.

The system development for bugbounty service platform based on blockchain “LAOCON (beta version)” is almost finished. It will be released in February after final adjustment.

LAOCON project since April 2018. Alongside ICO, we have been advancing system development. After about 4 months of design and development, it is in the final testing stage of the system.

LAOCON (beta version) Home screen

LAOCON (beta version) will be released as a test version in mid-January and we will start usability test by users in public. The product version of this platform is scheduled to be released in August 2019, and at the same time as the release, we will start a bug bounty platform service based on blockchain.

Request form for LAOCON (beta version) vulnerability test

By this platform, users can request tests to the excellent white hackers all over the world for their applications and systems to a maximum extent of their budget.

In the recent environment of IT where many damages caused by cyber attacks and terrorisms against vulnerabilities of applications and systems developed by companies and individuals occurred, our service of “LAOCON” platform is socially and economically significant. This year we sincerely hope that it can help economic activity of everyone.

For the detail of the “LAOCON” platform service, see below

LAOCON project homepage