Releasing the Beta version of the world’s first blockchain-based vulnerability diagnosis platform “LAOCON PLATFORM”

LAOCON channel
Feb 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Today, on 25th February, LAOCON PTE.LTD (CEO Takeomi Uematsu) releases a platform “LAOCON PLATFORM” ( that enables the hackers around the world to do P2P vulnerability diagnosis for system and application.

LAOCON PLATFORM has the incentive system detecting vulnerability (so-called bug bounty) based on the concept of “classifying and grading the huckers around the world hackers all over the world”. And we aim to create a track record of rewards by blockchain that can hardly be modified and try “supporting improvement of security in application and system and cost reduction at the same time” “offering information about the excellent hackers in the world including less developed countries” and “sharing the latest security measure information” to achieve better growth and development of information technology.

LAOCON official website:

About the beta version of LAOCON PLATFORM

The beta version platform offers two main UIs on the side of the client (developer) and the hacker side. From our official website you can try these limited functions in each UI.

【Client side】

·Submit test request

·Search / invite hackers

·Chat with a hacker

【Hacker side】

·Search for test requests

·Application for test request

·Chat with a client

*Since it’s beta version, the information (user name, password, etc.) you registered is subject to the Personal Information Protection Law

Please do not include prescribed personal information and confidential information inside of specific company.

Future Development

Since LAOCON PLATFORM is still in beta version, the functions are limited. However, we will aim to improve user experience for official release by hearing users voices as needed.

Moreover, this beta version still doesn’t include the blockchain technology. So we intend to implement the following blockchain technology specifically for product release.

·Utilizing blockchain technology for the track record database

In this beta version, we adopt the conventional database method. However, we will replace it with blockchain-based method which will apply for the history and the logic of the rewards (granted and sent by LC token in this case) and the requests from the clients.

·Utilizing blockchain in the (test) diagnostic environment

Although it is still at the planning stage, we are considering to apply a virtual server (P2P distributed storage) and blockchain technology within an environment to diagnose or test the developed application / system of the clients. With P2P distributed storage, we can expect cost reduction by the secure and stable environment for each test request without preparing a test environment constantly. For specific service details, please visit the IP Web official website.


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