Happy Springtime

Hanoi, Vietnam. March 22nd 2008

Hue, Vietnam.

Some days are just rotten…

Last night we got into Hanoi airport late. The taxi driver pulled a trick on us and ripped us off 2$. We hate that! Its raining, Charles slipped in the street (Don’t worry, no harm), we can’t find a hotel in Tokyo for next week (they’re all full or cost 200$ a night… if you have a guest room there, please let us know!), our photo memory is almost full and we can’t unload it, this morning a noisy guy in the hallway kept us from sleeping in, the two girls at the table right behind us are a pain in the $%#… to top it all off, we have a 14 hour bus ride tonight.

Railay, Thailand.

Backpacking is a tough life! Imagine that just a week ago, we were on Kho Phiphi, having drinks on the beach, our feet in the warm water, our heads on the hot sand. Imagine us diving in the turquoise water with thousands of fish, turtles, sea horses, sea snakes, octopusses (octopussi???).

Thai train.
Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Imagine that we have Hawaii grade suntans, that we were walking through ancient Thai temples in Ayutthaya, under a steel blue sky and red hot sun. Imagine us in a train, making friends with the whole carriage in 10 minutes, no need to speak the same language, just have to smile and nod! Imagine it was 92* in Bangkok, and a beer costs less than a bus ticket. Imagine the great food, green curry, pad tai, that costs less than a beer…

Imagine us complaining, when we know its freezing cold in Paris, we saw it last night on french TV.

Some days are just rotten. Even if everything goes wrong, we laugh about it two minutes later and realize how lucky we are to be on the road, to have working Internet so we can complain to you. See how the trip has turned us into philosophers?

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