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How to debug Ionic apps?

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Debugging a mobile application is an essential part of development and maintenance.
Using Ionic to create mobile apps gives us a lot of leverage when it comes to debugging.
In this article, I share some of the techniques I use to debug Ionic apps and some example from the projects that I have done.

The article is broken into two parts:

Apart from what I have explained in my article, there are several guides in Ionic docs around debugging that I encourage you to read.

Also, there is a good video by Simon Grimm that covers a lot of good techniques and tips for debugging.

Depending on which framework you use along with Ionic, make sure to check the debugging guide for that specific framework as well.

Here is a blog by Emma Twersky on debugging published on the Angular blog.

By all means, there are many more issues that you may run into when building Ionic mobile apps. Like how to manage signing and deployment? How to avoid common problems with app store reviews?
How to deploy code updates without going through app stores?
How to avoid common pitfalls with PWAs? And many more topics.

I have spent years on this platform from the early days of Cordova up to now. So if there is anything else you would like me to cover and write about, please leave me a comment and let me know.




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