Google empowers integration and adaptability to cloud computing.

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May 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Google has been a cloud platform ever since it started as a search engine. For many years, it has built a massive data collection from the searches made by people across the globe, giving this company the insight of what people truly need. Other than the search engine, it has been offering its free cloud services to the public for many years now. By simply signing up with Gmail, an individual can automatically have his own email address, a free 15GB of drive storage, a chat and video service originally called as Gtalk, a spreadsheet, a presentation tool and even building your own blog site through Google site. As reliably as I can tell, Google has been a household name for every individual across the globe.

If Google is offering free services to the public, what does it offer to the world of entrepreneurship?

From a sole proprietor who needs ease of access and security of his data to a business owner who needs a higher level of requirement for automation, data protection, and management systems, Google has designed its cloud platform as a solution to address all these business needs plus a team of dedicated support engineers across its global centers are quick to intercepting threats before it even goes into public.

Google is more into integration, not competition.

First, Google is not into competition with the other cloud providers out there. It is designed to be usable, accessible, auto-saving, cloud functional and adaptable to 3rd party platforms because of its integrational functionalities to handshake with other automated systems.

3 of the most used tools in the Google Cloud Platform:

  • The Google App Engine — Supports the development of scalable web and mobile applications allowing any programming languages in the backend.
  • The Google Compute Engine — allows you to create and run virtual CPU’s where full references and API resources are provided with no upfront investment. It is the Google IaaS that runs Google’s search engine, Gmail, YouTube and other services.
  • The G Suite — This is Google’s business productivity tools designed to synchronize with 3rd party cloud provider’s such as Microsoft, IBM, and other business tools in the cloud. Routing and sync management are also just a few of the things that an administrator can configure in the Cloud Directory in order to allow 3rd party application to function with G Suite.

Why is there a need for other cloud providers to integrate with G Suite?

Simply because there are features in G Suite that are not available in other business productivity tools. G Suite is built in simplicity. It may not have the heavy features offered by Microsoft Office but it is very functional and the most reliable in terms of auto-saving documents, cloud storage, collaboration and ease of access. By simply signing up and subscribing to G Suite, everything is provided freely for your usage.

With Google’s simple approach to providing cloud services yet offers accessibility to build your own virtual machines, it is proven to be the best choice for many new business owners today. Young entrepreneurs choose
G Suite because of its accessibility, affordability, cost-effectiveness and a full-complete range of virtual machine to start building your own system.

Through the constant innovation and demands of the multitude of services, Google enables the partnership with LaQuest to enhance the support system in addressing others needs on services, technology and sales. LaQuest is one of those that uphold the fundamental part of the Google Cloud mission in empowering people across the globe in choosing what they want to build in the cloud.

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LaQuest Inc

LaQuest is an Independent Software Vendor that designs and develop software for the healthcare and other industries.

LaQuest Inc

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Simplifying tasks through software technology.

LaQuest Inc

LaQuest is an Independent Software Vendor that designs and develop software for the healthcare and other industries.

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