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LaQuest Academy starts shaping PCHRD-DOST Research Team for “Smart City” initiative.

The software developers & IT Unit of the country’s leader on exploration, Philippine Council for Health and Research Development of the Department of Science and Technology (PCHRD-DOST) has recently completed a Google Professional Advancement training brought forth by LaQuest Academy.

A series of lectures on “Cross-Platform for Mobile Apps Development with Flutter and Firebase” having hands-on activities and a mini hackathon made the training an extensive and full-packed experience of the PCHRD-DOST participants.

The photo shows PCHRD programmers & developers at the recent “Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development” Training conducted by LaQuest Academy.

The five-day training program is an intense learning track specially organized and designed for experienced developers who wants to acquire the skills to create mobile apps built on Flutter integrated with Firebase (BaaS). The lectures were further advanced with activities on building a prototypal mobile application using flutter. The participants built mini-applications to demonstrate how to work with Google Maps API and interact with a MySQL database. Plus, an added bonus on the awareness campaign about blockchain technology completes the whole course.

Aiming to produce world-class programmers and developers, the participants were tested through a 2-hour mini hackathon. Each one has to build their own mobile apps applying all the knowledge they have learned from the training and present their creation in front of the four judges.

“It was amazing to see the participants showcasing their own apps after the two-hour hackathon. Judging who made the best was difficult because their results were all outstanding knowing that they were given a very short span of time. “ said Mr. Anoop Lakhera, President & CEO of LaQuest Philippines Inc.

The Philippine government is now directing its IT professionals in the public sector to advance their skills and technological awareness in order to create innovation that should improve the lives of the citizens. LaQuest Inc is an ally to this goal, having a common belief that implementing “smart city” initiatives is the path to more effective services, better people management, assets administration and planning resources efficiently.

“Active learning can help us work smarter and learn faster. Our trainers at LaQuest Academy are certified and experts in their fields and continuously acquiring new skills as technologies are constantly emerging. “ Mr. Lakhera emphasized.

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