A Laravel conference in the Snow?

Developing code can often be considered a lonely practice. We read our books, write our tests and hack into the early morning burning the midnight oil, while fuelling ourselves with coffee. We share on GitHub, chat on Slack and from time to time connect with local developers in the community. However, when word of the next Laracon event starts spreading, the tickets disappear faster than Sidney Crosby on a breakaway. Laravel has built an incredible community of developers around the world, and some of us thought it would be nice to host a conference in the great white north.

Jean-Philippe Murray and a few other developers from the LaraChat community started pitching the idea of a Laravel centred conference in Canada. So, naturally we came up with a survey, and obviously translated it to French and starting tweeting. We’ve collected some stats that we’d like to share, while we start planning the next steps to bring a Laravel conference to Canada.

Topics of interest

First we collected nearly 100 responses from our survey over the past 7 days. The number one city preferred was Toronto. For the most part all those interested in going wanted to focus on: Laravel (duh!), Vue.js, General PHP, General Javascript, General programming, Testing, and DevOps. We had one participant under age 18 and two over 50. Most responders were between age 25 and 35. The longest last name in the survey was twenty characters long! The most preferred month to schedule the conference for is May.

Understandably this is some great data for us to keep digging through and do some research on regarding: venues, catering and talks. Please reach out to us if you’re interesting in helping out.