Laravel v5.4.19 released

v5.4.19 was just released that fixed a memory bug in Laravel’s container. Thanks to Laurence Ioannou for fixing it right away.

The release also made Mailer and SessionGuard macroable, introduced a new Model::newModelInstance() method and improved the queue worker console output.

  • Added ability to send link_names parameter in Slack notification (#18765)
  • Added Mailable::hasFrom() method (#18790)
  • Made Mailer macroable (#18763)
  • Made SessionGuard macroable (#18796)
  • Improved queue worker output (#18773)
  • Added newModelInstance() method to Eloquent Builder (#18775)
  • Use assertions instead of exceptions in MocksApplicationServices (#18774)
  • Fixed memory issue in Container (#18812)
  • Set database connection while retrieving models (#18769)

The full release notes are as usual available on GitHub.

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