Laravel v5.4.26 released

Laravel v5.4.26 shipped today. The release contains a few additions, but consists mainly of several interesting changes and bug fixes.


  • Added Event::nextRunDate() method (#19537, 09dd336)
  • Added null safe operator <=> to query builder operators list (#19539)
  • Added Macroable trait to RequestGuard (#19569)


  • Touch updated_at timestamp when soft deleting (#19538)
  • Accept argument list in Rule::in() and Rule::notIn() (#19555)
  • Support checking for strings job names using QueueFake (#19575)
  • Improved image ratio validation precision (#19542)


  • Resume scheduled task if an error occurs (#19419)
  • Decode HTML entities in plain text emails (#19518)
  • Added missing locales to MessageSelector::getPluralIndex() (#19562)
  • Use strict check when object is passed to Collection::contains() (#19568)
  • Fixed jobs with a timeout of 0 (#19586)
  • Never pass Throwable to stopWorkerIfLostConnection() (#19591)
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