Laravel v5.4.33 released


  • Show error message if a reverted migration is not found (#20499, a895b1e)


  • Moved tap() method from Builder to BuildsQueries (#20384)
  • Made Blade or operator case-insensitive (#20425)
  • Support $amount = 0 in Arr::random() (#20439)
  • Reverted doctrine/inflector version change made in v5.4.31 (#20227)


  • Fixed bug when using empty values in SQLiteGrammar::compileInsert() (#20424)
  • Fixed $boolean parameter being ignored in Builder::addArrayOfWheres() (#20553)
  • Fixed JoinClause::whereIn() when using a subquery (#20453)
  • Reset day parameter when using Y-m with date_format rule (#20566)
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