Laravel v5.5.15 released

Laravel v5.5.15 was released today. Beware that the @json directive now escapes HTML characters and don’t forget to update your mail themes in views/vendor/mail/html/themes/.


  • Added missing PostgreSQL network address operators (#21518)
  • Added raw and same-site parameters to cookie() helper (#21551)
  • Added option to create pivot model to make:model command (#21549)
  • Added support for a failed() method to mailables and notifications (#21585)
  • Added __toString on ViewErrorBag (#21605)
  • Support higher order call of keyBy() (#21606)
  • Generate @else* directives for Blade::if() (#21611)
  • Made Response and JsonResponse macroable (#21669)


  • Escape HTML characters in @json directive (#21574)
  • Only accept strings in Session::flash() (#21576)
  • Use message from AuthenticationException in Handler::unauthenticated() (#21575)
  • Don’t use global scope while touching parent timestamp (#21604)
  • Accept multiple middleware when defining middleware fluently (#21621)
  • Bind true as 1 while preparing an SQL statement (#21623)
  • Ensure config load order across multiple installations (#21634)
  • Pass previous exception to AccessDeniedHttpException and HttpException (#21645)
  • Unify Bootstrap preset (#21686, #21685)


  • Reset table cell margins in mail theme (#21647)
  • Check for vendor views for each paths given in config/view.php (#21636)
  • Prevent negative offsets when paginating collection (#21658)
  • Flush all listeners of custom Eloquent events (#21688)
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