Laravel v5.5.2 released

Laravel v5.5.2 was tagged and ships as usual with a couple of nice additons and bugfixes.


  • Added mov extension and MimeType::search() method (#20917)
  • Added support for dont-discover in packages (#20921, 4a6f1f2)
  • Added retrieved model event (#20852, 84291a6)
  • Added HasOneOrMany::setForeignAttributesForCreate() method (#20871)
  • Made Route macroable (#20970)


  • Load deferred providers before commands (366c50e)
  • Don’t pass cache instance to Schedule anymore (#20916, #20933)
  • Simplified mix require (#20929)
  • Return null if resource attribute contains relation with a null value (#20969)


  • Prevent ErrorException in Collection::operatorForWhere() method (#20913)
  • Create default console input/output in Application::run() (#20922, 7647399)
  • Ignore abstract classes in Kernel::load() (#20931)
  • Fixed listener-queued-duck.stub filename (#20937)
  • Fixed faking notification sending while using AnonymousNotifiable (#20965)
  • Fixed eachSpread() and mapSpread() with nested collections (#20962)
  • Fixed generating names for classes beginning with slash (#20961)
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