Laravel v5.6.21 released

Be sure to add the language lines for the new validation rules and if you have any custom Redis connections to add the new interface.


  • Added FilesystemManager::forgetDisk() method (#24057, cbfb4fb)
  • Added --allow parameter to down command (#24003)
  • Added more comparison validation rules (gt, lt, gte, lte) (#24091, #24135)
  • Added TestResponse::assertCookieNotExpired() method (#24119)


  • Redis connections now implement the Contracts/Redis/Connection interface (#24142)


  • Fixed unsetting request parameters during HEAD requests (#24092)
  • Fixed HasManyThrough returning incorrect results with chunk() (#24096, 5d3d98a)
  • Fixed dateBasedWhere() with raw expressions when using SQLite (#24102)
  • Fixed whereYear() not accepting integers when using SQLite (#24115)
  • Remove full base URL from generated paths (#24101)
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