4 months is the new new born

Four months is the hummus dip of baby status for me right now. As a newborn she was the sweetest, dreamiest, most delicious little chickpea. But how much better when that chickpea becomes hummus dip?!

I like four months better than three months. When you’re own tiny human looks at you and smiles a precious smirky or gigantic, intentional baby smile because she legitimately knows its you, and you know she knows its you… Whoa! $#%@ just got real.

Also, four months is kind of a special time for me because it’s the age my parents come got me at the hairport. I was four months old when I was adopted so, for me, it’s a little fun having my girl at the same age I was when my parents first got me.

Same same but different

Me at four months: 12 lbs., head full of stick-straight-in-the-air hair

Lua at four months: 11 lb. 15.5 oz., still working on the hair

Things I want to remember from this last month

  • Christmas is better with Lua
  • Getting stuck in the snow is better with Lua
  • New Years can be the same, with or without a baby. As in, you can still drink your wine and be in bed by 10 :)
  • Post-holiday clean up is better with Lua
  • Let the girl stay in the bath until her toes are wrinkled up. But this won’t make clipping the toenails any easier.
  • There is only like 1 cm difference between 50th percentile in head circumference at this age, and 100th percentile. So it’s totally fine she is 87th percentile. #bigheadbcimsmart
  • We taught almost 2-year-old cousin Stella that Lua’s name isn’t just “Baby”… so now she calls her “Yoo” (Lu)
  • Your first POTUS, Lua girl, believes in you and your generation and this country. He believes the future is in good hands because of you. And so do I.

What else is there to say about four months? Other than… she is the entire world and all the stars and sky and at least four universes full of love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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