A whole half a year

182 days I’ve had this little sugar nut!

We’ve officially reached a tipping point, people, and me no like. On the see-saw of “baby’s first year”, today is the beginning of the downhill slide to one year. I DON’T WANT IT YET!

And you know what else is absurd and stupid and ridiculous?

I now have to count my baby’s age in months on two hands. Boooooooo!!

Does she have to keep growing? Bc we are making it out of 6 months outfits soon and I have to keep buying those clear bins at Target and having tearful goodbyes to clothes too small. Our most favorite clothes!!!

Like this red shirt…

I made her wear it for so long by last week’s last day, she have barely been able to stretch her body out flat without some stretching and some un-comfortability.

Some things from this past month:

  • We had our first solo run. Dad, the uncles and Papa went to Las Vegas for a car show and all the momma’s stayed home with the littlies. We even had a sleepover at Stella and Poppy’s!
  • Getting more hairs on the top of a seriously growing noggin. Her 6 month checkup is next week and I’m sure the head has gone from 87th percentile to “let’s just not keep track, she’s obviously going to be very smart with that extra large brain”.
  • Just today we are on the recovery of our first cold. Dude! Appreciate your baby’s good health when she has it! Sickness is like a rainstorm on your parenting stamina.
  • We have graduated from “grabbing things with hands” to grabbing hair.
  • She loves touching hair! Sometimes at night she falls asleep best by laying in my arms and playing with my hair.
  • Sucking of the toes… check. Sometimes the suction is so strong, she can let go of her foot with both hands and the big toe stays in her mouth long after.
  • First-time visits from Uncle Nick, Auntie Tabitha, and cousin Clara.

I definitely wouldn’t have said 6 months ago that I dreamt of the day I’d become a mother. Very honestly, I dreaded becoming a mother more than I was excited for it. I wanted kids (one day) but the label… ‘Mother’. Why not just tell me I’m old and boring and have flabby skin all over and lower your standards for how I should look every day bc… “she’s a mom now”.

I really do like motherhood. I love it. But I also really like it. I like Lua. And if she makes me a mom, fine so be it!!

6 of my favorite Lua-isms

  1. I think she may think she’s a little puppy. The girl can extend her tongue all the way to her chest to try and lick up her bath water. Every. night.

2. Those cheeks! My little squirrel baby is always saving her nuts for later in those long saggy, can’t-keep-’em-up-for-lack-of-asian-cheek-bones cheekies.

3. Her silky soft skin!! From hands to face to toes and butt… smoother than silk, folks.

4. Sweet, cozy purple sleeper Lua.

5. More about the tongue… It is never not out.

6. Her entire her. I love her so, so, SOOO SOOOOOO so much. 182 days. Not enough, sister. Give me 10 million more. I love you, baby.

Can hardly believe that 6 months ago, she was smaller than Dolly. #soyesterday


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