Things I recently ate on my way to month eight: Half a tag off my stuffed animal, corners of at least two coasters, a nibble of a pamphlet, mashed potatoes, and refried beans! She loves paper, maybe she’ll be a writer one day. Or featured on Bravo in one of those shows about people who eat carpet or hoard cats. It’s hard to tell right now 😊

Ok, there are things to share this month, folks!

For one, this is probably the best month (since last month’s best month) bc this update comes to you from Hawaiiiii! Where we are currently in a vacation coma to which we don’t plan on coming out of until next month’s update. #sorrynotsorry

That means we lugged Smally Dolly all the way from home for this picture…

She took up precious room in the suitcase just for this picture, but we couldn’t forgo our monthly ‘pic with Dolly’. Too obsessed. Too crazy in love with Dolly to leave her behind. (The dog, on the other hand, we left her with a stranger my sister met at the Dutch Bros stand she frequents.)

Also, Lua is now sitting up all on her own which is a huge relief bc I seriously thought her neck-back was so weak she’d never sit up without folding in half like she was just a month ago. Developmental burden off the shoulders! We are not crawling yet…but ONE THING AT A TIME! Not even the big G made the world in a single day.

I legitimately need to start paying more attention to my baby bc, now this is for real, the kid has two teeth!!! I was just like la la la sitting with her outside the island coffee shop of heaven the other day here in paradiso. I put my finger in her mouth (probably to check if she ate some paper again) and I legit got bitten by a tiny shark tooth. Then today she was smiling a big drooly grin and I got a flash of a second incoming shark tooth! Am I out of it or something bc how did I become surprised by my baby getting her first teeth? I’m worried I have seriously “ignored the signs” of first tooth…what track am I on as a parent if I don’t notice these big milestones until days late? Lord, help me. I am now officially on the look out for…whatever’s next 👍🏼

In addition to paper goods, Lua is now also eating puffs on her own. It took about six days for her to pick up a puff, and get it into her own mouth. Her pincher fingers are improving at the speed of light every day. And she has a 65%-make-it-into-the-mouth-without-dropping-or-forgetting-it’s-in-her-hand rate. My little eater.

She has her first tan, but only by accident! I bought her two kinds of expensive, organic baby sunscreen (meanwhile, parents are wearing $5 Trader Joe’s spray) and she has four hats to rotate through every day and a 50SPF, long sleeved dash guard. I may be missing the signs of first teeth but ill prepared for the sun I am not!

She is super loved by her cousins. When we stop for a picture and I say, “Who wants to hold Lua?” a 2-year-old, 2.5-year-old, 5-year-old, and 7-year-old all say “meeeeeeeee!”

What else…

Made friends by seeking out others of a similar body type.

Starting a new tradition with pics with G.

Saw my first 🐢 and put my toes in the ocean.

Am the most darling thing to happen to summer clothes.

Rockin’ a swim bod.

And have adopted a motto for month eight… One love ❤️

Month one or month eight, some things never change…I spy Lua tongue (covering two razor blade teeth).

Last but not least, have I mentioned just how totally in love I am with her?! Still reach-for-the-stars-over-the-fence-world-series-kind-of-stuff love.