Double digits

Guys… double digits today. This bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch requires two full hands — all the fingers — just to visually show you how many months she is. It is not necessary… this getting older thing. NOT necessary. For any of us :)

Guys…so hard to get a single picture of her anymore. So movey, so crawly, so not into pictures.

Every month I say this and every month it is ever the more true: This month was my favorite month yet! MAJOR strides happening in Lua land the last 30:

  • Crawling after several months of really half-hearted effort on her part… her work ethic was in question.
  • The mimicking has arrived. I usually make the most fun of this by sticking my tongue out at her. Lua‘s lizard tongue gives me a good crack up.
  • Everything (rolls eyes) is “Da!”… “Hi, Da!”, “Dada!”, “Dadadada”. But can he breastfeed? Nope.
  • But we still like him, so we celebrated Father’s Day by taking dad to get waffles from the waffle truck that is no longer there and so instead we had scones and coffee…

Also, present for Lua bc why does dad get everything??!

  • Unfortunately, she is iron deficient, says the Doc. This is unsurprising considering she eats rice, crackers, and anything that closely resembles rice or crackers. But…
  • We are adding to her diet (dun dun dun)… noodles! Or more accurately, noodle, bc she takes about 10 minutes to finish one spaghetti hair.
  • Has learned to shake her head no as a response to pretty much everything. Music… food she doesn’t want… any conversation related to president Rump cake.
  • This girl claps a real clap making a nice connection with the two hands. Naturally, “Yeahhhh, Lua” is now second to “need pizza” in the most-used-phrases in this house.
  • My little freedom supporter celebrated her first Fourth with a waffle, pet parade, cutoff shorts, and smoked brisket! For real, in a one time event, she ate brisket.
  • Also… fireworks ain’t no scary thing when you’re boss! Not even a flinch.

(This one gets its own section representative of the emotional suffering I’ve endured here) Sleeping in her room… about a mile away from my room. Ugghhh! I can’t stand it.

I OD’d heavily on safe co-sleeping bc I like to know exactly where she is, hear her breathing, and just love her ALL the night long. Like, hate me for loving her hard! But she started sitting up in the night and I’d have to stronghold her in her Dock. None of this was sleep time regimen either of us wanted. I even slept on the floor with her one night bc she can’t fall out of the floor.

So she broke in the crib for the very first time. She may have been indifferent but I hated the thought of the distance and the loneliness for her, therefore, we did not like this set up immediately.

But good thing this mom has only acquired new wisdom in parenthood. I pulled in (well, Colin pulled in) the mattress from one of the extra bedrooms and guess whose room became a suite for two?! We were true roommates for the next week. Then I left bc she found solace and I grew up in my head. Now she is across the house and I do not like it at all, but I’m evolving back to becoming a normal and reading before bed and actually getting sleep.

Things that have not changed:

  • Still likes to eat paper. This month the choice is post-its.
  • Still has not earned the affection of the dog bc she is still pulling her hair in her own baby semblance of ‘hello, let’s be friends’. Terrible communicator.
  • Foot growth has not progressed. 10 months old, but still wearing 0–3 months jellies.
  • She has not decreased a single rank in perfection.

In brief: 10 months old. Getting very fluffy. And is the total sum of life!!! This girl has achieved more than 300 days on this earth, and the world is better for it.


Also….poor Dolly.

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