This was my “coming out pregnant on Facebook” photo.

Hi, I’m Lindsey.

I’m a pregnancy first-timer. Woot for me!

I just ate 2 boxes of rice a roni.

I hope to eat tacos later, or fried green beans, or a scone.

I don’t think you could possibly squeeze anything else into my stomach right now. Except maybe macaroni and cheese.

I do also eat a lot of Tums. But only the allowed amount.

I don’t miss wine.

And I certainly don’t miss cheese, bc I never stopped eating that.

Everything on my baby gift list looks like I’m rich.

My partner in life and baby’s padre is the nicest person on this earth. He does dishes and gives me foot massages for real. I love him larger than the moon. And he already loves baby so much.

I’ve had a Mini Cooper since I was 18. But baby gets everything she wants so she traded in and got a Jeep. It was rated #1 Best Family Vehicle by a magazine I don’t subscribe to or remember the name of.

My dog doesn’t even know what’s up.

I definitely, definitely do not want my baby growing up in a Trump America.

I started this tumblr to chronicle being pregnant bc WHOA. Pregnancy is whoa. I think I would like to remember it all, too, for the one day in the near future when I hit the inevitable “literally cannot remember what my life was like before kids” brain, which sounds worst than pregnancy brain.

And I’m 1 week away from the start of the third trimester. I have not bought a crib yet. Yes, to sandals and sunglasses and hats and a little dolly.

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