Weeks 34 and 35

Can’t remember why I didn’t write a “just week 34 recap”. So in the last 2 weeks…

  • Things are progressing… aka discomfort
  • Target.com online experience — THE WORST!!!! KILL ME! Forget trying to buy the rest of your registry items online bc it won’t accept your 15% code and will tell you your credit card details cannot be processed when you KNOW they can be. I literally hate Target. Target = sucks.
  • Also = sucks…. Honest.com’s check out experience. 1 star, and that’s only bc I would totally let Jessica Alba change my kid’s diaper.
  • = not sucks… etsy. Even if you’re billing address is wrong on that site, your payment still processes, which made buying who-knows-what-in-the-world-I-just-bought easier.
  • Baby’s room is coming along! Yah for us! We are adults who make stuff happen!
  • About two-three weeks ago I started needing to lay down directly after dinner because I thought my stomach was going to explode like an overblown up balloon. So that’s an awesome feeling that I like very, very much. #sike
  • People are amazing! Family, friends, friends of family and family of friends. Some know you a little and some a lot. But they buy you a present anyway. This baby is lucky!
  • I have zero pants or shorts that fit or are even remotely half comfortable to wear, so now I wear Colin’s underwear in the day. They fit like spandex. Which actually says a lot about the size of my thighs at current.
  • Showering is like the biggest chore. Bc then I have to lotion down this entire mid-body all over again when I get out. So if given the mental choice between showering and not showering? #not
  • Baby gains weight at about 1/2 lb per week now. Hair is in (I hope). Fingernails grown. Brain continuing to develop.
  • I’m officially very large. But I don’t really care. There’s a baby in here.
  • Stretch marks… I count 4 with the mirror. Again, what am I gonna do about this? Nothing! If my skin stretched to hold a baby front pack from the inside and there were no signs or marks of that? It would be an effing miracle. I’m trying to save my miracle for quick, painless birth :) HA!~
  • Sometimes I just walk up the stairs once (on my back up to work from grabbing a donut or a cookie… just kidding, maybe I’m eating yogurt or an apple) and my legs feel like I did a 100 flights of stairs. I don’t think it could be that I’m that out of shape. Then again, I am carrying an extra 25 lbs on this bod.
  • I huff and puff just rolling over in bed. Okay, maybe I am out of shape. But stomach!
  • I’m very seriously feeling ready to have her here. And stare at her while lying on a bed on my back or my stomach (ohhhhhh to lay on my stomach, I would be so happy!).
  • Buying diapers is like the equivalent of that first time you had to buy your own toilet paper in college. Like, why don’t they give us this dumb stuff for free?
  • My summary of weeks 34 and 35… everything is all good. I mean it’s not comfortable and it hurts a lot all the time. But it’s all good. It’s all temporary.
  • What today looks like by 10:02 am… and after about 7 (small bowls) of Lucky Charms. Lime and salt popcorn for the win! When’s lunch?
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