Life Advice about Sketching

Dustin Larimer
Apr 15, 2015 · 2 min read

The following is an excerpt of handwritten notes, found on scans of an industrial design student’s work, included in a slide deck for a presentation on the power and importance of sketching in the practice of design.

These notes were written by Bob Fee, a great teacher and mentor who has had an unspeakably profound impact on hundreds of design students around the world. I’m honored to be among them.

The key to drawing a confident line is knowing that no matter what happens, it is neither a bad nor good line until something else happens… such as another line. It is the sum of all lines that makes a drawing.

Knowing this, apply your line with firm conviction. Fix on a point where it will end. This can be an imaginary point or a physical dot. Key your eye, and focus on that destination point. If you miss or over shoot, do it over.

Let the history of your line work speak for you.

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