A Word About Office Christmas Parties

Did you see this in the trailer for the movie “Office Christmas Party?” Ha ha, I’m kidding!

Office Christmas parties have been a part of Christmas for as long as offices have existed, and a part of offices for as long as Christmas has existed, too! But, of course, I do all my blogging from a one-of-a-kind home office. “Where’s my Christmas party!?” some might say, in an emphatic voice, not unlike my own!

The fact of the matter, though, is that, in the beautiful home office of a blogger, every day is a Christmas party. And, because I also often blog at night if my D.H. doesn’t come home on time, every night is a Christmas party, too. With all the holiday (Christmas) spirit getting thrown around on the day-to-day, I can hardly maintain enough excitement to celebrate actual Christmas with my children! Which is why we haven’t celebrated the holiday in 6 years (since the younger one turned 2).

What’s your favorite thing about office Christmas parties?