Being Neutral

Neutrals. What’s not to love about them? I love a beige blouse, a camel camisole, a toffee throw blanket and pillow pair—matching set bought just in time for fall, the season where it looks neutral outside, too! Hold on, even writing this is making me feel too calm, at peace, and utterly restful now. I think I may need a lie-down on my caviar cushions, haha!

Anyways, as I was saying, I love neutrals in every aspect of my life, from fashion-linens to homegoods-linens to politics! In fact, it doesn’t matter to me who becomes president, because as far as I’m concerned my children are president. That’s why this November…8th(?) I will be writing in my own candidate, the handsome fellas I get to call my sons. I can rest easy knowing that “politics” don’t really affect me!

What are you neutral about in your life, and also what is your favorite shade of chamoisee?

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