Interviews With Beautiful Women We Admire: Langan

Welcome to a new series I am running here at Lark & Olive, “Interviews With Beautiful Women We Admire.” It occurred to me that I know so many stunning and accomplished women who I’ve learned so much from and at one time or another have at-length imagined having sexual intercourse with them. I wanted to share their stories with you.

Meet Langan

Langan is a dear friend whose eclectic energy draws people into her life. I’ve witnessed men and women cross busy and dangerous highways to get closer to her. Here is what makes her tick.

Tell us exactly what it is you do?

I’m a storyteller, a crafter, an artist, a sculptor, a dreamer, an artist, an actor, an artist, an entrepreneur, an artist, a writer, an artist, an embroiderer, an artist, a chef, an artist, a part-time hand model, an artist, a dancer, an artist, a caftan embellisher, an artist, a donut powderer, an artist, a throw blanket, an artist, a coffee table book, an artist, a extra large cappuccino, an artist, a big foam hand that you get at a sports game, an artist, and the mother to three beautiful prize sows.

And what is it you do that actually makes money?

That’s such an interesting question — I’ve never had to think about that before! I’m so incredibly lucky in that my great-great grandfather brought the first peacock to North America back in the late 1800s and my family has been able to live on the proceeds ever since. So I guess what makes me money is continuing to be alive, in a way, because I will always have a lot of money as long as I keep breathing! So wow — breathing makes me money! What a beautiful thought.

Do you find it hard to do that and also be a woman?

Yes and no because women are beautiful and can have anything but also are sad and have hard times. What a lesson for us all — even my three beautiful sons I mean sows.

In general, is being a woman very hard?

Yes, except when it’s so incredibly easy. I love being a woman when I am shopping for ochre lip stains, I hate being a woman when I realize there is a gaping hole at the bottom of my torso. It’s such an amazing, beautiful contradiction.

Do you ever wish we had acted on that romantic impulse we both had in the Catskills? Do you ever wonder what our lives together could have been like?

You know what? I do. I think our lives together would have been so incredibly rich and varied and I know you would have supported me when I really wanted to buy that vintage bullfighter’s cape at the fleamarket last week and I can’t think about how much it would have changed my life.

What is your beauty routine?

Light lip stain, light cheek stain, light eye stain, light neck stain, light ear stain, light nose stain, light hair stain, and SUNSCREEN!

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