Your Friday Inspiration

They say that you should be able to find beauty in all things. But I’ve always wondered, does that apply to people, too? How would that work? It’s something that I’ve struggled with, going as far back as my (beautiful, blossoming) puberty years.

Well, the other day between my dear acquaintance’s state-of-the-art bangs braiding class and engagement ring shopping (not that I or anyone I know is getting engaged, I just like to do this every couple of months…for practice) I encountered a woman who truly made me see this whole beauty in all people thing in a new light…the light of my favorite pop-up cafe, that is! She was serving up my nitro and was by no means beautiful—asymmetry, pimples, dimples, you name it. Honestly, just seeing all this made me feel much better about myself (and my face)!

Readers, have you ever considered pretending you have acne or some other face problem just to brighten another, prettier woman’s day?

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