He has the voice, and now the looks! Discord now has a new Video Chat and Screenshare!

Discord’s promotional video about Video Chat & Screenshare.

That’s right! The free voice chat service, Discord has a new feature to see your face (not me though.) And the ability to share your screen without OBS and anything.

This feature supports up to 10 people in a group chat and also included is a PIP or picture-in-picture mode so you can do moderating server and all other stuff. Screw you, Messenger and Skype!

So, Discord is the largest audio chat service for gamers and supports over 25 MILLION users across the world. This service is entirely free rather than teamspeak which has server fees and etc.

It is popular for gamers and communities across the world and the goal is to Ditch skype and teamspeak. Pretty good marketing strategy though.

The video chat and screenshare launches on August as a beta feature and rolled out in some of our favorite streamers across the world.

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