My compilation of commands and rules on my Twitch channel!

My cover for Twitch.

In Twitch, there are many reasons that they love it because of moderation, chatbots, timers, API’s and so on, that are so customizable and so easy to use! So, here are my lists and commands that you’ll love it.


These are my compilation of Twitch Commands (as of 11/26/2017) and how will worked it.

NOTE: The commands including asterisk (*) are the Moderator Commands.

Nightbot Commands:

Nightbot’s cover.

Custom Commands:

!battletag - My battletag :D

!commands - It will lead you to this article.

!discord - Link to my Discord Server.

!f - Pay some respects.

!followers - It will view my follower count.

!gamewisp - It will throw to my Gamewisp sub channel. :D

!giveaway - This are the list of my giveaway.

!key - Another one. Another one. Another one.

!mightysub - If you go to discord, and……

!nospoilers - If you are an a****le in chat, please do not spoil it.

!poreber - PLEASE CHAT IT!



!scream - When i scream, please hit it.

!stats - These are my stats of my channel.

!streamlabs - Link to my Streamlabs donation and points channel. :D

!subhype - HAYPUUUUU!

!wishlist - Link to my Steam Wishlist.

!youtube - Link to my YouTube Channel.

NOTE: Nightbot is open 24/7 (except server maintainance) for commands, or while streaming or hosting other channels.

LTGBot Commands (Streamlabs Chatbot)

Streamlabs Chatbot Logo! :D

Death Counters & Quotes

!death (+ or -) - Increase or decrease my death counter.

!quote add - Adds a quote.*

!quote delete - Delete a quote.*

!quote / !quote (quote number) - Show a quote.

!leaderboards - Show a top 30 leaderboard standings.

!shoutout (channel) - shoutout for their contributions on Twitch! HOOOO~

Song Requests

!songrequest (youtube link) (if enabled)- Adds a request. Maximum of : 2 per viewer, 5 per regular, 10 per subscriber and 15 per moderator.

!wrongsong - If the last song is a wrong song, delete it.

!skip- skipping the song… and it’s done! (5 votes)

NOTE: Maximum duration for song request is 15 mins and the song queue is 25 songs. :D

Point System

!ltgpoints - Check your points ☺

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