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The Power of Showing Up

Motivation for when you don’t feel inspired

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing the thing that you remember makes you happy. Sometimes, especially as an artist, you’re just not “inspired”.

But after looking at the work of some of the greats and analyzing their patterns, most of them just showed up every day. Some of the most successful artists created without the muse of inspiration. They showed up to the work and started.

Good Work Takes Time

Being an artist in today’s world is pretty difficult. You’re expected to be on all the time. And if you’re not, well, there’s literally 1,000s of people lined up for your spot. We want our favorite musical artists to put out an album every year. We want our favorite painter or photographer to constantly put out art.

We have become a society that craves something new and amazing from our artists without fully realizing that making great art takes time. Musicians used to take years to complete albums, not because that’s how long it takes to write them, but they would give their audience time to sit with the project.

Painters would spend months on a piece and submit it to show after show before it gained any attention. Artistic photographers worked in a similar fashion. Great work was tuned and refined before being shared.

Prioritize the Process

I’m speaking to the process and the timelines because to public perception, every time they put something out, it’s amazing. This feeds the illusion that they must have been inspired to create that piece of art.

However, most successful artists will insist that it’s the opposite. They were not completely inspired along the way. They showed up every day to add a little bit to their piece. They showed up even when they didn’t completely feel like it to practice, study, or contribute.

Through persistence, they were able to create several versions of something that could then be refined into the work of art that we know and love.

I’m keeping this in mind as I move into yet another season of change. I have to show up even when I’m not feeling inspired. I have to show up and put in the work. I have to practice.

Sometimes, the things you create when you’re not inspired will suck. They won’t be pretty. They won’t be amazing, but they will be somewhat consistent. They will have character. They will help you show determination and style.

Keep showing up and eventually, you will get where you’re trying to go.

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