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AI&BIG DATA EXPO finished, our talk is here!

LARUS this year was Silver Sponsor of the AI & Big Data Expo Global Virtual 2021: a virtual event for the Global AI & Big Data Ecosystem!

The event consisted in live and on-demand sessions and covered two days of top-level content and thought leadership discussions for the ambitious enterprise technology professional, seeking to explore the latest innovations, implementations and strategies to drive businesses forward.

It represented a crucial event for us for many reasons: firstly we were able to give a broader view on our solution, Galileo XAI, based on the eXplainability of AI and powered by Fujitsu Deep Tensor; secondly we could once again strengthen our partnership with Fujitsu Laboratories of America; and lastly we could extend our network discussing with many different European realities.

If you missed the conference, for sure you missed as well LARUS talk, but don’t worry because we are pleased to share the video recording with you!

Alberto De Lazzari, Chief Scientist of LARUS, together with Surya Josyula, Marketing Director of Fujitsu Labs of America, provided a case study based presentation and showcased Galileo application to improve car insurance fraud detection.

Using the insight graph data platform we launched on the market in 2020, a leading Italian insurance company was able to automate a significant portion of the analysis process, leading to improved efficiencies and reduction in need for cumbersome manual analysis. The platform, moreover, enabled the anti-fraud team to focus only on relevant groups of subjects or accidents reducing the set of false positives.

Galileo XAI with its powerful graph visualization takes the explainability outputs given by Deep Tensor and shows them in a human understandable and friendly layout and format.

So what are you waiting for? Watch or re-watch the video here!

See you soon at next Santa Clara AI&BIG DATA EXPO in September 2021!




We are data engineers and data scientists team passionate about data and top quality data insight-driven software solutions. We share contents around NoSQL, Graph Technologies and stream processing platform

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LARUS Business Automation

LARUS Business Automation

We are data engineers and data scientists team passionate about data and top quality insight-driven software solutions.

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