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LARUS and Fujitsu Limited announce the signing of the agreement for the launch of Galileo XAI

LARUS and Fujitsu Limited are very pleased to announce the signing of the agreement for the launch of Galileo XAI, a graph-powered platform leveraging components of Fujitsu’s Finplex AI Scoring Platform Service EnsemBiz.

“From our initial collaboration with Fujitsu Research to Galileo XAI solution commercialization as part of the Fujitsu Finplex EnsemBiz service, we are delighted to have embarked on this journey with Fujitsu, a company known for innovation and technological excellence” this is the feeling of Lorenzo Speranzoni, CEO of LARUS “We look forward to our continued partnership and the expansion of our offering to customers in the Japanese and global markets”.

The combination of LARUS’ graph-powered platform with Fujitsu’s Finplex EnsemBiz makes it possible to perform extremely accurate analysis of graph structure data, something not achievable with traditional technologies.

Through advanced analysis and machine learning, Fujitsu and LARUS aimed to deliver a solution that, offering multiple Apps on top of its foundation, implements specific functionalities tailored to real world use cases and customer segments.

For instance, the Galileo XAI’s Fraud Detection App detects automatically sophisticated and complex illegal transactions, including self-financing.

These are some thoughts of Masaru Yagi, Senior Vice President of the Financial & Retail Solution Business Group at Fujitsu Limited: “The transparency and peace of mind provided by Fujitsu’s explainable AI technology will allow customers, especially those in the financial services industry, to confidently embrace innovations that deliver an edge in business. Fujitsu and LARUS look forward to offering graph AI solutions to other industry verticals.

The partnership that has led LARUS and Fujitsu Limited to this licensing agreement has gone through some significant research ​​in collaboration with Fujitsu Research of America, FRA, marketing and sales enablement activities to provide potential customers and prospects with the right data, tools and resources.

Throughout the past year they had jointly validated the importance of Explainable AI in different fields.

This moment is the result of months of hard work, states the future plans of the two companies representing a milestone for their strong collaboration.

Let’s start a new flight towards new routes!
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