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2 min readMar 25, 2021


LARUS strongly believes that “innovation is daughter of widespread knowledge”, meaning that value creation is not limited to the release of the software but also includes the increase of the customers’ skills, enough to be considered their “accelerator for innovation”.

To pursue this goal, LARUS built its own internal Academy to allow its team to keep updated on the most recent technologies. Other than the internal academy we also offer external training, bootcamp and courses on different topics and fields for your business and the people in it.

To learn about all the technologies in which we can provide training courses, Discover LARUS Tech Radar!

Since the difficult global situation we are facing at the moment, all of our training initiatives (both internal and external) will be held remotely.

Now more than ever, with the extension of the tax credit benefits on training until 2022, is the right time to invest in education. The aim of this tax credit training is to support companies in the technological and digital transformation process, building or consolidating skills in the enabling technologies necessary to realise the 4.0 paradigm.

The tax credit is granted in the following measures:

  • 50% of the eligible expenses within the annual limit of € 300.000 for micro and small enterprises
  • 40% of the eligible expenses within the annual limit of €250.000 for medium enterprises
  • 30% for the eligible expenses within the annual limit of €250.000 for large enterprises.

The eligible expenses for it are the following:

  • Staff expenses related to trainers for the training attendance hours
  • operational costs related to trainers and training attendees directly connected with the training project
  • Consulting services expenses connected to the training process
  • Staff expenses related to training attendees and general indirect expenses for the hours in which the participants have followed the training

If in our catalog you can’t find what works for you, we remind you that LARUS is part of the Italian Open Source Network (RIOS) and here you can have access to more courses on different technologies with the RIOS Academy.



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