What these engineering graduates wish they knew starting out

We asked some of our graduating students at Convocation what advice they have for first year engineering students. Here’s what they said:

Earth & Atmospheric Science

Talk to your professors and really get to know them. Professors are always looking for feedback and they can help you explore your interests and passions. If you’re lucky, they might even offer you a position in their research lab.

Don’t stress out! A bad grade on an assignment or test is not the end of the world. Go talk to the advisers. They are there to help you reach your goals.

Computer Engineering

Never let a bad grade diminish your belief in yourself; success stories are born out of failure.

Computer Science

Make academics a priority. Sit in the front row, take good notes and ask lots of questions. Get involved in campus life. Volunteer and leadership positions will help you grow and learn more during your university experience, while providing you with the opportunity to work with many amazing students.

Finally, make sure you get internship and work experience. Students with experience have a far higher chance of landing their dream jobs.

Computer Engineering

Never skip your classes. Some first year math courses may seem boring, but always attend the lectures. It will be a huge help for exam preparation. From day one, try to be organized and develop time management skills.

Most importantly, have fun! You are at school to learn and acquire skills that will lay the foundation for you after graduation. Try to take part in extracurricular activities. This will help you develop crucial social skills.

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