I Designed My Mind

I turned it into a library, well kind of.

I just found this little story I wrote back when I was 15~, trying to explain to myself how my mind worked. I wonder this was just me writing about wishes and motivations. Nowadays the concept is nothing innovative, but apparently it was for me back then.

Anyway, it was a bit cringe so the version hereunder is reworked and I thought it would be a good fit for my personal blog.

I understand the mind as a mysterious librarian that masters all techniques of art, architecture and capable of doing everything that is proposed. Of course, everything takes time and most important tenacity.

As for our knowledge, I believe it’s like a great library which most times we are born empty so it’s our mind’s job to start working on it to make of it the best library out there.

Thinking is something that we do naturally, every instant, it is almost impossible not to think. It takes a ton of effort to make yoga or meditate. Thinking spawns books, but also random elements in our knowledge so our mind can start building. Some of those elements are unexpected, and they have to be sorted anyways, no one wants a pile of garbage in their backyard, right?

As we grow, we shall tell our mind to use good practices and to be carefully organized. These set of rules and tasks shall be called our principles.

When we ask our mind to look for some book we need to read, it is always great to feel that is easy to get, and no bookcase is about to collapse.

No one is perfect, right? So we shall find our mind struggling to find the book we need. This is not necessarily a bad thing nor something we should be mad about. We may ask him cordially to take time to sort what’s going on in that specific section. If we run into this problems many times, maybe it’s time to change some principles and see if they improve our mind’s performance.

Do not take problems that seriously if they are not noteworthy. Over demanding your mind may traumatize it and wear it down.

Having a good relationship with our librarian is significantly important. You can’t fire your mind! We need him to sort every question we have in our life, so both of you must play in the same team!

Having a clean and tidy place is also accommodating with guests. When we get too close with someone else, it’s always cool to have our library always edge updated.

A good library also ease the process of categorizing new books or magazines that we may want to include. It shouldn’t be that hard to get more knowledge onboard.



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