About randomness

It is mind blowing how grave the universe is. How far you need to be for you to not hear a thing? And still, such silence makes me chuckle every now and then.

As if we were snails at the edge of a sword, we stumble between decisions. Are these decisions binary, or at least may be ran down into such a simple system? Most likely, I’d say.

The fact that we can’t, as limited human machines, deconstruct complex decision systems does not necessarily mean it is not possible to, eventually, land a binary solution, if done recursively. What usually ends up happening, is that such chaotic combination of events, loose sense in our minds, becoming practically random.

Evolution-wise, developing a brain capable of processing and making sense of the tremendous volumes of data, is likely to be inefficient as it would’ve consumed a lot of energy, thus we’d need to feed most of the day, and not being productive as we are. The evolution decided to call it a day with decent biceps and the ability to use a tool to kill your predators.

So it seems there is a natural cap to our imagination given by our own bodies. How cruel is, for nature, to teach us that we will probably never get to understand our own stateless beings.

But because we constitute amazing closed looped systems, we adapted even to the point of developing medicine for our own sicknesses. We wrapped everything we cannot understand, and we put a label on it. Souls, gods, cultures, we tried to fit into all sort of shapes the pandoras box with all our fears and misencounters.

We just can’t deal with the fact of being finite.



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