Verizon Goes Antique Shopping

Verizon buys Yahoo in $4.8 billion attempt to bore the Internet to death (Techdirt).

Since we’re based in Silicon Valley, we hit the streets to get a feel for sentiment first-hand. These were some of our favorite overheard reactions (Reddit):

  • “They could just give 3 billion to me and put another 1 billion in a landfill.”
  • “I think this makes sense. Verizon already owns AOL, so they can just add to their collection of companies that no one has any idea how they’re still existing.”
  • “To put this in perspective, Yahoo is now worth 5 Dollar Shave Clubs.”
  • “Dinosaurs mating.”
  • “They deserve each other.”

Believe it or not, this is actually a decent outcome for shareholders. Yahoo’s core business, stripped of Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, was arguably worth less than $0 (Investopedia).

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