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Hey Mainstream Media, Stop Promoting this Transracial Adoption Of a 5-Year-Old Black Boy As a “Heartwarming Feel-Good Love Story” Because It’s White Supremacist Adoption Porn!

Courtesy of morefm.co.nz

There Is Something About This That Doesn’t Feel Right…

The Reality Of The Child Welfare System…

This Is a Slap in the Face to All (African American) Families That Have Experienced Child Welfare Abuse and Forced Adoptions.



Driven MSW, advocate, social change agent, mother, wife, friend, writer and truth teller. I have a sincere desire to both educate people about and to address the social justice issues within our society.

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Latagia Copeland Tyronce, MSW, CADAS

ProBLK Afro-American Woman, Journalist, Mom/Wife, SJ Advocate & Writer. Founder of NAT'L AA Families First & Preservation Association. Owner of Tagi's World.