So, You Think That Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Would Be Pleased With The Treatment And Status of Black People in America Today? Well, Think Again.

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This is a question that has been asked a lot since the passing of these two civil rights Icons. So, as a Black American woman and advocate, I decided that I would take my stance on the issue once and for all.

In one word, the answer is no, they would not. I don’t think either of them, Minister Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, would be pleased with the current treatment of Black people in America, and I know of many Black scholars and activists who would agree with me.

For the scope of this article, I’ll focus on the most detrimental effects on Black people that, no doubt, would have both Minister Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King railing.

The systematic destruction of the Black family;

Through mass incarceration and cruel child welfare policies, both of which irreparably damage Black families and devalue their sacred familial bonds. I don’t think that Minister Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King would say “Meh, just comes with the territory.”

Police brutality and the shooting of unarmed Black men and women;

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one.

Employment discrimination;

Anytime Blacks with college educations and clean criminal records, cannot find a job over a White person with a high school diploma and a criminal record, there’s something very wrong. I don’t think Minister Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King would be okay with this.


The failing public schools systems, in mostly minority and poor districts, that creates the ever widening achievement gap between Black, Latino, and White students. Again, I don’t think Minister Malcolm or Dr. Martin Luther King would be happy with this.

Economic restraints;

This a country were the average net worth of a Black household in 2011 was 16 times lower ($7, 113) as opposed to the net worth of the average White household ($111,146). Where’s the equality in that? Nope, I don’t think Minister Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King would be proud of this.

You know, people who think that these two great leaders of the civil rights movement would be pleased with the situation that Black people find ourselves in now, is plan wrong.

Just because we don’t see lynchings and “formal” Jim Crow laws anymore, doesn’t mean everything’s okay, and that Black people have reached the promised land.

We haven’t, and I’m sure that if these two men were alive today, they would be doing the very some things they did in life, marching, speaking out, protesting, and demanding equal treatment for Black people because we have a long way to go.

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