6 Reasons to love latakoo HUB

Things we love about HUB and think you will, too.

Love is in the air. It’s the time of year when we share our love for those closest to us. Those who make our lives better every day.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are six things we love about latakoo HUB.

1. Automated Import

HUB is always there for you. No coffee breaks. No naps. It’s working 24/7 to automatically import your video files from latakoo.com.

If you operate a busy broadcast facility or production shop, this automated assistant editor can save your staff literally hundreds of hours a year.
 HUB will deliver those files exactly where you specify. Since latakoo HUB is integrated with several asset management systems, it can automatically import files into Avid Interplay, Dalet, and Grass Valley.

Our cross-platform integration allows large organizations that may use different systems in different offices to share files automatically with latakoo HUB.

2. Metadata and Transcription

Metadata travels with your video.

HUB knows just what to say. While importing your file into the asset manager, HUB also transports metadata, including transcription, time code, and more.

Whatever metadata you specify, including details entered during the upload process, HUB will import it automatically with your video file.

This data is searchable in the cloud and in your asset manager.

3. Encodes to Your House Format

HUB delivers exactly what you want. Whatever your house format is, HUB can encode files to your exact specifications. Shoot in .MXF but broadcast in .MP4? No problem, since HUB can be set to encode files when they are imported.

HUB can even transcode files to create proxies, if you use a proxy workflow.

4. Item Code Workflow

You CAN hurry HUB.

If you’re on deadline, HUB can send a file directly to your playout system. With our Item Code workflow, the item code is entered into the latakoo system during upload and HUB passes that along to the playout server, where the file can be checked in for broadcast.

It’s like music to your ears.

5. More Secure than FTP

You’re safe with latakoo HUB. Unlike FTP, that pushes files through your firewall, latakoo HUB pulls files into your system, using your access rules and security protocols.

6. Export Workflow

HUB sends files as easily as it receives them.

If you have remote team members or field crews who need footage that’s housed at the broadcast or post-production facility, HUB can automatically upload those files to the cloud, where they can be accessed again and again.

More #HUBlove
Our clients’ love for latakoo HUB doesn’t stop there. HUB is so powerful and configurable, our clients have used it for a multitude of other tasks, including: adding closed captioning to files ready for broadcast, archiving video to an off-site server, and automatically uploading finished files to the cloud for backup.

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