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3 min readMar 21, 2017


Need to add a script to your video file in latakoo? It’s a snap — you can do it in Pilot at or in the Flight 6.2.23 app (or later) that features a pop-up metadata form.

Using the pop-up metadata form

The current version of the latakoo Flight app has an automatic pop-up form that captures notes or scripts at the time of the upload.

As the file is uploading, a form will expand as part of the Flight app, allowing you to insert notes or scripts under the box marked “description.” If you have a custom form, this content box might have a different label.

Note: When copying and pasting script or notes into the Metadata form, use the Command-V or Control-V keyboard function to complete pasting the text into the pop-up form. (See video below.)

Adding metadata with this form does not slow down the process of encoding or uploading. Any data entered here will be associated with your file and will be searchable in Pilot.

When you set up your account with latakoo, you can customize these metadata fields and designate any as mandatory. Contact us to set up metadata for your organization.

Adding Notes in Pilot

If you are the uploader of the video file, an admin of your network, or identified with “Sharer” permissions, you can add notes in Pilot.

“Expand” below the video name will reveal editable data.

Click “Expand,” located just below the video. It reveals a box for notes where scripts or text can be added. Be sure to click “save changes” after you enter any details. Any data inserted in the “Notes” box or in the “Tags” field will be associated with your file and searchable in Pilot.

Add script information in the box marked “Notes” This will be part of the metadata associated with your file and searchable in Pilot.

Adding Comments in the Video Dashboard

If you are not the uploader, a network admin, or identified as a “sharer,” you can use the comments section of the video to add scripts or notes in Pilot. At, click on the name of the video to access the video dashboard. This will reveal your video inside of a purple frame.

Clicking into your video reveals a bar with additional features.

You access comments by clicking the comments icon. (It looks like a dialogue bubble.)

Adding comments is a feature within the video details.

Click “Post Comment” when you’ve added your notes or script information. Like the notes field, this metadata will be associated with your file and searchable in Pilot.

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