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Jade Kurian
Aug 27, 2019 · 4 min read

Digital workflows in latakoo speed delivery to CMS and websites.

By Jade Kurian

My 12-year-old (the child of two former television journalists) does not seek out news broadcasts on television, but she is tapped in to all the big headlines. With a few swipes on her iPhone, she’s able to get all the top stories of the day, often in video. She has her go-to apps and she finds other digital sources when looking for a news story. When I watch how she and her friends interact with news, I know that is the future.

According to a 2018 survey from Pew Research Center, 34% of Americans now get their news from online platforms. And younger adults are more likely to prefer the Internet as a platform for getting news, whether they’re watching or reading.

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While television remains the preferred platform for news, the digital shift is happening in real time. That means journalists need to go quickly from the field to digital publishing. Holding the video for the 6 p.m. news and then publishing it, is not an option any more. With latakoo, broadcasters are finding it simple and efficient to take developing stories immediately to digital.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to publishing digital content is siloed systems. Television stations may use one system to deliver content, another to archive and yet another for digital publishing.

latakoo securely and seamlessly connects systems that were once segmented.

Digital Content Delivery

latakoo delivers files from anywhere in the world to our cloud and when that file arrives, we direct it to multiple locations. One of those locations can be a Content Management System (CMS), speeding publication to digital platforms, such as a website.

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Among several of our largest broadcast clients, latakoo has implemented a digital workflow that automates the secure delivery of video and media files to their CMS provider. This allows crews who are working remotely to send files quickly to their digital teams, removing that extra step of re-uploading content to the CMS provider before it can be published.

One broadcast company using our digital delivery has seen video views jump by as much as 400% year-over-year. And, they call that “winning!”

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To enable this system, a network is created for the organization with workflow settings that trigger the automatic transfer of the file along with any SRT or captioning that might be needed for the digital platform.

In daily workflows, the integration saves a tremendous amount of time. For example, if a reporter is gathering new video from the scene of a breaking news story, he or she can shoot with the latakoo Flight mobile application and upload the clip to a unique, CMS-enabled network. As soon as the file arrives in the cloud, it’s available on the CMS platform for publishing, it’s available for viewing, sharing and downloading on latakoo, and it may also be on the way to a station’s asset manager.

Any file already in latakoo can be moved quickly to this digital workflow as well. A simple copy function can trigger the file to be transferred to the digital workflow. This enables stations to quickly transfer files from regional distribution networks to website publication.

latakoo can also connect asset managers, like Avid, Dalet, Grass Valley or bitcentral to digital publication platforms as well. Any file that is created or stored in one of these systems can be easily exported to latakoo and transferred to the CMS with latakoo HUB.

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And it’s not just for broadcasters looking for an easier way to deliver files for publication. Production companies can use this workflow to automate delivery to CMS platforms. Once a file is edited, finalized and approved, either copying the file to this automated workflow or uploading it to this network will trigger the transfer.

News will always be relevant to our lives, but we won’t consume it today the same way our parents did yesterday. latakoo is helping organizations bridge the technology gulf to meet their consumers wherever they want to access information. And my 12-year-old will appreciate the effort since her generation will help decide what comes next.

Jade Kurian is President of latakoo. If you have questions about latakoo, contact us to learn more.

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