latakoo adds camera time code to transcripts

Long-form producers and reporters can benefit from integrated camera time code reference.

Imagine having 55 hours of interviews to sift through to produce a television documentary. Now, add a slim budget to have those videos transcribed.

That’s what latakoo client and Kentucky Educational Television producer, Matt Grimm faces to produce a documentary on the history of bluegrass music.

KET Producer Matt Grimm

Matt turned to latakoo to deliver mechanical transcripts of the interviews, with an important enhancement. He requested that each downloadable text transcript contain camera time code markers.

Now, this feature is available to all users who have their videos transcribed through latakoo Pilot. After the transcript is returned, you can download a text file with camera time code markers in the transcript.

This feature is ideal for producers of long-form television news or documentary productions with raw interviews that need transcription. This way, a single time code marker will be maintained from the original camera file to any transcripts generated on latakoo.

With latakoo, you can move these files right off of the camera card and upload them to cloud. At this time, the feature works with individual files that are uploaded to latakoo.

You’ll notice the transcription interface has changed on Select the drop down menu that says “Download with camera time” and select the format “CTC” for a file with camera time code.

All of our other transcription formats are still available under the drop down menu labeled, “Download with run time.” These files will have a run time associated with the file starting with 00.00.00 at first frame. These files work well for captioning purposes.