latakoo releases faster video transfer application with multi-flow technology

Paul Adrian
Jun 13, 2019 · 5 min read

Our marketing director was on the phone with a long-time customer recently. Toward the end of the chat, he told her, “We’ve been with latakoo many years and I have to say, you are constantly taking our feedback and making it better.”

One of our biggest goals at latakoo is to continually improve the service based on what we hear from you — our customer. This drive to improve latakoo applies first and foremost to the battery of transfer technologies deployed in our flight applications and cloud infrastructure. We strive to continually make transfers faster and the latakoo system easier to use regardless of the challenging environments that you find yourselves in at the instant you need to send video fast.

And boy do you pick some challenging video upload locations — often with super-poor or hyper-congested connectivity. Our customers have latakoo’d high quality production video from the middle of Internet-scarce Africa as well as from recently hurricane blasted islands. You’ve sent breaking news video from the top of El Capitan with seconds to spare before hitting the lead slot for a network newscast to beat all your competitors. You’ve regularly transferred files from war zones in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, while others have uploaded video from locations where hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously shared the cellular networks — like from the Olympics in Korea, Brazil and Russia. And at least one of you likes to latakoo video from Air Force One.

Of course, you’re not all stuck in low bandwidth zones. Our customers are also prone to uploading video in extreme high bandwidth environments –- sometimes with speeds of one or more Gigabits. The key to latakoo’s strategy is to provide instant dynamic flexibility in our toolset so that you use the right technologies for the quickest transfer regardless of your environment and without having to think about it.

The release of our latest desktop Flight application, 6.4.5, leapfrogs the prior app’s performance to triple or even quadruple your upload speeds. The speed boost occurs through a customized implementation of a multiple-flow strategy.

Instead of transferring a single stream of data to the cloud at a time, the 6.4.5 application can send up to 16 flows simultaneously. The app optimizes for speedy transfers by checking the upstream Internet’s throughput to and dynamically deciding how many streams to use for that specific file delivery.

This new multi-flow strategy layers on top of a plethora of existing technology used to upload files fast, including latakoo’s patented simultaneous compression and upload process, access to a world-wide network of edge servers, and auto-selection of the transfer protocol (TCP or UDP) that works best in your environment. As with our last release, the latakoo Flight app provides estimated upload times based on the speed of your connection, the compression rate selected and your computer’s processing power. These estimates allow video contributors to send the highest quality video possible for the time that exists before a deadline.

latakoo’s new multi-flow technology also boosts download speeds from to the 6.4.5 Flight app.

This will come in handy when downloading large files, which you may do more often going forward because the 6.4.5 Flight app provides the ability to download latakoo’s default file directly from Pilot without transcoding it in the app. We previously used the Flight app only for downloading video that was going to be transcoded. latakoo used your Internet browser to download a video that was not going to be transcoded. Unfortunately, our previous strategy sometimes failed for downloads of very large files, because browsers can choke on downloads of more than a few hundred Megabytes.

The 6.4.5 Flight app provides a much more robust download tool than any browser on the market today. You will be able to download very large files — even if they are multiple Gigabytes in size — and the download will be quicker because of the multi-flow technology.

See our step-by-step guide to downloading files from Pilot.

There are myriad other improvements in the 6.4.5 Flight app based upon your feedback. And at this point, I would like to extend my hearty thanks to you. Our customers provide latakoo with a world class quality assurance team in addition to our own. You take the latakoo system into an astounding array of environments and whenever something doesn’t work — you let us know. The 6.4.5 app is filled with fixes to issues that we had no idea even existed until you used the app in your unique circumstance. The app additionally supports numerous new workflows that are specific to the individual needs of users within our customer base.

The result of our response to your varied use-cases is a phenomenal machine that exceeds the performance of previous latakoo applications by a significant margin. Being a smart video professional, you probably see where I’m going with this message. If your Flight app is anything other than 6.4.5, you are behind latakoo’s technology curve, and so if you haven’t already stopped reading and updated your latakoo app, please do so now.

latakoo’s 6.4.5 Flight app

Click on this link — and update your app.

‘Koo fast and often,

Paul Adrian

latakoo CEO

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files…

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